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Total Construction takes safety very seriously. We adhere to the principal that every injury is preventable. Our Zero Injury culture is achieved by making safety a daily part of the Total Construction experience. 

Prevention starts by requiring all employees to wear hard hats, hi-visibility vests, and safety glasses while working on our jobsites. Each crew begins the day discussing safety concerns at a pre-job meeting and participating in a group stretch.


We also stress safety education by making sure safety requirements are clearly communicated through orientation, weekly on-site meetings, and monthly newsletters. All employees are required to attend the annual Total Construction safety workshop, where ideas are shared between management and crew members. Accountability and incentive programs, coupled with regular training activities, round out the safety program of Total Construction.


It is our team effort that makes safety successful. We have a top-down dedication to safety that delivers, ensuring our employees go home safe each and every day.

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